VCQA Core Values


Strategic Development of Volunteering

Through the activity of Havering Volunteer Centre’s partnership and engagement with local networks and decision makers to create a positive environment in which volunteering can flourish within the borough.


Good Practice Development

It is Havering Volunteer Centres aim to improve or attain positive consistency across all sectors who involve or provide volunteers in their volunteering programmes. Ensuring that the value of Volunteer Management is understood and work to improve the way organisations manage volunteers and volunteering programmes.

Developing Volunteering Opportunities

For Havering Volunteer Centre in partnership with local organisations to develop activity to increase and improve the quantity, quality and diversity of volunteering locally by understanding local need and identifying any gaps in respect of groups that are under-represented in the borough.

Voice of Volunteering

Through the activities of Havering Volunteer Centre increase the awareness of the issues impacting on volunteering by breaking down perceived barriers between the individual wishing to volunteer and the organisations involving volunteers.


Havering Volunteer Centre strives to better inform the general public and all sectors about having access to an effective and efficient brokerage service by tailor making our service to reach targeted audiences, making it easily accessible for all.