Havering Volunteer Centre Reports and Surveys

Please see attached the Annual Report for 2017-2018

Havering Volunteer Centre AGM 2017-2018

Please see attached the Annual Report for period end 31 March 2016. This was our first AGM and we are pleased to inform you of a new Chair of the Board of Trustees Mr Simon MacKenzie. HVC elected a new Trustee to the Board Mrs Linda Van den Hende who brings a wealth of expertise to the Board.

Havering Volunteer Centre AGM 2016-2017

Please see attached the 2016 HVC Survey. As part of Havering Volunteer Centre’s grant we undertake a yearly survey between the organisations we work alongside and the volunteers. This year we sent our survey out to 119 organisations, 22 HVC internal volunteers and 700 external volunteers on our database.

Havering Volunteer Centre 2016 Survey